The Family

"We are the trees to which we give voice ..."

“Commitment to Life has made us grow as a Family. And that which was born here, let it expand….the same as others in many other places, who share with tenacity this common spirit of taking care of Life and ourselves as part of It.”

Logo Reforest Accion

Reforest-Acción is born from a strong commitment of one person and from a landscape asking for change. For many years he seached for a way to serve Nature, in a humble and powerful way. And after long travels he arrived at the conclusion that there is no worthier job than to serve working with the basic tools of life, “Seeds” and slowly gaining awareness that there are powerfull seeds that create Forests. And discovering that forests are “The architecture of Life”, and that from there on, life may continue…

This person is Rodrigo Ibarrondo (Bongui), founder of Reforest-Acción and coordinator of all that is possible to continue with this work.


“To plant a Tree takes 15 minutes of effort and a whole life of Satisfaction”

And of course it is not only one person materializing this, there have been more than 1000 people who during two and a half years have responded to the call and supported the initiative. And it has been a great pleasure to get to know such wonderful people, Reforest-Acción would not be possible without them.

A Family has been created through the bond created through this beautiful work.

We work by linking wills and creating networks. Dinamising territories through commitment, with the vision of creating a responsible global culture that looks after and protects Forests and Life.

The Family is global and formed by people coming from 41 different countries, faraway places like Brazil, Chile, Mexico, South-Africa, and Reunion Island, and from every corner of Europe. Diversity being quite present as it is in a healthy forest. And the fact of sharing and living together offers also the opportunity to develop as more conscious human beings. Big lessons for all.

We have created a term to define that feeling of satisfaction you get out of seeing something live thanks to your efforts.


And it is “Amorescencia” the fluid that maintains Reforest-Acción alive and that has bonded us

You are all welcome to be part of the Reforest-Acción Family.


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