What is the Iberian Network of Forest Guardians?

It is a tool to facilitate and support initiatives for the protection and restoration of Iberian Native Forests.

Our intention is to nurture the cultural movement that ARBA started 30 years ago. A second batch of forest guardians maintaining the work of protecting and restoring our forests. Doing it in a humble way, sharing a model of local management through the experience obtained during our project in Sierra de Gata, where we have been reforesting for two and a half years over 350 hectares after the great bush fire of 2015.
A model of forest management which is social and self-managed which is starting to give its fruits both in the landscape and in the collective local consciousness.

It is a network formed by any person or group with a will to care for life. Especially for people established in rural territories with a long term attachment to the land. It is also a way to unite efforts and to bring about a new generation of forest guardians.

It is a platform to cannel the support offered in any field that may cover the needs of multiple projects, in different aspects such as field work, plant production, search for funding, logistic support, design and multimedia, botany, administrative tasks, and more.

Our wish is to work respecting the autonomy of each initiative or group and allowing diversity in opinions. Looking for points of contact in order to build the fabric of a Network that is each day stronger, more united and coherent. We are many, and we are more each day. A sense of emergency is making us get together so we can all care for this marvellous planet.

How to be part of the Forest Guardians Iberian Network?

It does not cost money to be part of the Network, our currency is human will.

During the year 2018 we gave 22 talks and 4 workshops throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Seeds that are slowly sprouting in an emerging spirit of care for the forest. Forests are sponges that hold water, are soil generators and protectors, living systems that regulate air temperature. They transform sunlight into life. They transform inert matter into Life. And forests, together with oceans, are the magnificent and mysterious living laboratories of Planet Earth. And to surrender to their greatness is an act of humility and acknowledgement of our real place within Nature.

We encourage you to join the network and help create a big family.
Several groups and hundreds of individuals are already being supported by the network.

The “Creating the Iberian Network of Forest Guardians” talks are about two hours long and deal with the process of creation of the network, its structure and functioning. The results of the experience in Sierra de Gata are presented and the new initiatives stemming from it and a growing international social collaborative movement around care for Nature are also reviewed.

The workshops “Basis to create a Reforestation Project” are two days long, and are a good starting point for any person or group who wants to start native forest reforestation activities. Issues to be dealt with are: administrative dealings with forestry services, looking for allies, funding, planting techniques, management strategies for landscape restoration, volunteering, management of the working groups, tools, species requirements, etc..

All we ask for is a public space and public interested in being part of the network, with no other commitment but to share some time with respect and interest We have a projector and all tools necessary to run the activities. Depending on the conditions, some minimal financial support may be needed to make the workshops possible.

If you are interested in us giving the talks or workshops in your space please send us a message at: reforest.accion@gmail.com

A huge hug to everyone.

Do you want to join the volunteer team?

Write us!