“Restoring Nature is a everyone's responsibility ”

Us, the Reforest-Acción family have decided to start. We do it in an integrative manner, joining efforts and sowing awareness. We do this through a cultural movement that is capable of restoring the manner in which we relate to nature, in a healthy way.

There are many ways to collaborate.

Sharing our vision, acting in a conscious manner in each daily act, planting life around you, collaborating as a volunteer and supporting us in the different needs that come up in our projects (image, design, networks, tools, funding, etc.)

If you want to participate in our actions as a volunteer you can download this (pdf) where you will find detailed information on how to participate.

If you want to support our actions with money, you can do it through our bank account:

Asociación Gata-Hurdes Reforest-Acción

Triodos Bank

ES92 1491 0001 2930 0008 4673

If you want to support with tools or materials, you can contact our team at:

All the resources we get are used in the most efficient way possible, respecting the support being given and materializing it into Life.

Infinite thanks to all of you making Reforest-Acción a reality.


Do you want to join the volunteer team?

Write us!